Is your company killing it with Brand-Driven Storytelling?

Not even sure what that means? Let me tell you!

When we meet someone in real life, we ask questions to get to know them better. We listen to their opinions, anecdotes, ideas, and beliefs. We try to unearth their story and to tell our own. The end goal is to connect. To find some kindred spirit who shares our beliefs with similar likes, dislikes, and convictions.

In business, the rules aren’t that different. Telling your story is a critical part of building your brand. It helps shape how people view you and enables customers to begin forging a connection with you and your brand/company. Do it right and you’ll put building blocks in place that allow you to develop a thriving brand with an equally thriving future. Your company will be one that people will buy from simply because they love what you do, what you stand for, and the stories you share.

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Good, so far?

If you’re ready to go for it, awesome!

If not, read on to know what a storytelling website does exactly for you.

Let’s delve into it a little more…

Storytelling is a big part of a modern approach to website design. It engages the visitor, introduces them to your brand, and establishes your identity in a way that stands out from the noise of the Internet.

Your site serves as a portal to your brand or person. It is often the first thing (you have ownership of) that people see when they want to learn more about you. By telling your story in a cohesive way, you can greatly influence how that person identifies with your brand.

This is why it is so important to tell a story with your site, rather than simply going down a bullet list of must-have items. Things like your contact information and an about page are important, but how you present this information can be very much as vital as the data itself.

In a nutshell, it’s about making your website FUN to view. With storytelling design your site changes in exciting ways to tell a story as a visitor scrolls down a page. The goal of storytelling design is to create a website that allows visitors to understand, in an engaging way, what a company does and why — in less than 30 seconds after arriving at the site.

Still with me?

Great! Let’s talk about how storytelling benefits you!

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Every brand has a story.

Every story has a design. It’s my job to connect the two.

Let me tell you how.

Keep reading below.

It takes planning and thoughtful design every step along the way. Effective storytelling requires that you use visual and user interface design to create something that people want to interact with. Telling a story with design comes down to one simple factor – cohesion. You need a story and a set of visuals and interactions that feel like they belong together. (Easier said than done, right?)

Planning a story with design comes to down to understanding your audience and design theory. Every website or app has a story. It’s my job to make that story clear and engaging for users.

Storytelling design is considered one of the best ways for a company to be memorable, engage visitors, and increase site traffic. Wouldn’t you rather move through an engaging story that unfolds before your eyes simply by scrolling down the page than read “We’re the best” all over a website? And what do you do when you hear a great story? You tell it to others!

That makes for happy (and profitable) endings.

Ah, now I get it!

Ready to tell your brand’s story with your website?