The #1 Reason Your Winery DOES Want a Squarespace Website

The #1 Reason Your Winery Does Want a Squarespace Website.

If you search Google for anything about being able to sell alcohol through Squarespace, one of the first things that pops up is an article on a certain website that boldly states “The #1 Reason Your Winery Does Not Want a Squarespace Website.” It asserts that a winery should not have a Squarespace website because they cannot sell alcohol using Squarespace.

I’m here to tell you that is simply, NOT TRUE.

The article is misleading and only explains the full truth further in the article. Well…sort of the full truth.

See, you CAN sell alcohol using a Squarespace website!

Don’t believe me? Click this link and read Squarespace’s response to a customer asking that very question. The important part to understand is that as long as you comply with Squarespace’s Terms of Service and Stripe’s Service Agreement, and of course, the alcohol industry’s state and federal regulations.

However, as long as you comply with Squarespace's Terms of Service and Stripe's Services Agreement (assuming you will be accepting payments) then you shouldn't have any trouble using Squarespace for a business selling (legal) alcohol. -Squarespace Employee

That’s where the snag comes in...Stripe has stated that they do not permit the sale of alcohol with their payment service and Stripe is the main credit card processor for Squarespace.

But good news, winery owners! Stripe can, and does, work with some alcohol retailers to sell alcohol and process the payments. You can negotiate with Stripe to allow it. Here is a great article by Stripe that talks about their regulations and how they have worked with wineries in the past to alcohol direct to consumer wine sales. (This is something I can do as part of your winery website design package.)

If you just need a simple online store to make sales, without POS integration, wine club management, or compliance services, Squarespace Commerce makes a great website platform.

Besides being a user-friendly platform, Squarespace comes packaged with a great online store system. The online store backend allows for easy inventory management, custom shipping and taxation rules, promo codes, and quick integration to the bank account of your choice. Your website and store are hosted on the Squarespace company servers, which are extremely secure and reliable. The store design is very customizable and beautiful.

Another cool thing about Squarespace - If you need and/or want the extras (remember, extras cost extra money), you can integrate various winery e-commerce options such as WineDirect, VinoShipper, VineSpring, Orderport, etc. with Squarespace. One of the good things about these systems is you can use them with your POS in your tasting room, too.

Oh, and about that other article…Yes, they do have a disclaimer at the top of the article now saying that you can use Squarespace for winery websites...sadly, though, this is one of the top articles that pop up when Googling Squarespace winery website design and the title of the article hasn’t changed. Therefore, too many winery owners, especially winery startups, will think it’s still true when it’s not.

Do a search for Squarespace brewery websites. Go ahead...I’ll wait. Did you notice something? There’s a ton of them. Why? Because of the reasons I mentioned above about Squarespace being so awesome. And guess what? They sell alcohol, too.

So what does all this mean for winery owners and winery startups? Don’t be afraid of Squarespace for your winery website needs!  

Wineries CAN sell alcohol on Squarespace and have winery e-commerce on a Squarespace website.

Do you have questions about having a winery website or an alcohol e-commerce website on Squarespace? Ask them in the comments below and I’ll answer you. And if I don’t know the answer, I’ll find out for you!


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