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Is Squarespace SEO Really Good? Yes! But... Squarespace SEO Series #2

SEO usually isn’t the first thing to come up when people are waxing poetic about Squarespace. Is it any good, or is something users tolerate because its modern, professional design and easy-to-use features are so strong? There are a lot of misconceptions and misinformation out there about Squarespace and its SEO capabilities.

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10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Web Designer

The process of designing your new website could be a dream come true or an ongoing nightmare. Who you choose to help you along the way and design/build your website for you will make all the difference, both in how much you enjoy the design process and the end product. Here are 10 smart questions you should ask a potential web designer.

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5 Reasons Why I Chose Squarespace

I’ve been around the block once or twice online and have tried my hand in many platforms, hosting services, and domain providers, but when it came time to create my site for my website design business, I had to make a choice. I couldn’t be happier with my choice of Squarespace and here are the five reasons why.

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