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5 Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out Online

But first, why is it important to make your brand stand out online? Because as of January 2019, there are over 1.94 billion active websites. You read that right.

With over 1.94 billion active websites, it’s absolutely crucial that you learn how to stand out so that you don’t just blend in!

Because blending in = forgotten. And getting forgotten = not good for business.

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9 Ways to Create Hype Around Your Website Launch

When it comes to a new website launch, my motto has always been “Go big, or go home!” Creating a new website design is a lot of time and effort that’s worth celebrating. Not only are new launches a great opportunity to get your audience excited about your business, but they can also expand your reach and help you draw in a larger audience. Even more importantly, big launches can result in big profits, and who doesn’t love that?

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Is Squarespace SEO Really Good? Yes! But... Squarespace SEO Series #2

SEO usually isn’t the first thing to come up when people are waxing poetic about Squarespace. Is it any good, or is something users tolerate because its modern, professional design and easy-to-use features are so strong? There are a lot of misconceptions and misinformation out there about Squarespace and its SEO capabilities.

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Common Objections Business Owners Make Against Having a Website

I work with small businesses and solopreneurs every day, and when it comes to not having a website, I’ve heard it all. It’s easy to come up with an excuse for why a business should not have a website. Sadly, they’re all incredibly misguided! It’s pretty much a requirement in today’s digital world. You want your business to succeed, right? Then don’t miss the boat!

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10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Web Designer

The process of designing your new website could be a dream come true or an ongoing nightmare. Who you choose to help you along the way and design/build your website for you will make all the difference, both in how much you enjoy the design process and the end product. Here are 10 smart questions you should ask a potential web designer.

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Does an Author Need a Website? 5 Reasons Why a Writer Needs a Website.

Unless you’re Oprah, an author platform is crucial in becoming a successful writer. It isn’t unheard of for publishers to dismiss potentially great writers because of their lack of a personal platform. You need to show that you are willing and able to put the time and effort into marketing yourself and building a readership online. The point? Writers need a website. End of story.

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