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4 Ways to Reduce Email Spam

SPAM. The nemesis of anyone who has an email address. Oh, and I’m talking about unwanted emails that flood your inbox. Not the canned ham loaf. (Which by the way makes a delicious ham salad for sandwiches.)

So how do business owners avoid the dreaded spam? Unfortunately, it’s going to find you at some point, but there are ways to drastically reduce it.

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10 Reasons Why Squarespace is a Great Choice for Creative Entrepreneurs

As a new creative entrepreneur, it can be overwhelming, frustrating, and maybe even scary when you think about DIYing your own website - especially if you met coding once before and ran away screaming. Lucky for you, and me, there is a wonderful platform called Squarespace that makes it easy as 1...2...3 to build your website. In this post, I want to share with you 10 reasons why Squarespace is a great choice for any creative entrepreneur...and maybe take some of the willies away from you.

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