Should You DIY Your Website?

Should I DIY my business website?

Businesses, people, and their website needs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes which means there is no single answer as to whether you should DIY your website or hire a professional website designer.

The one rule for any business website is that no matter the size of your business or nonprofit, a polished, professional web presence is a must.

DIY is an awesome option for some people. With drag-and-drop visual editors on platforms like Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, ShowIt, and others help simplify the process of getting your business up and running online. However, for many of you, DIY might be holding your business back from reaching the next level of growth.

If you’ve ever wondered whether you should tackle your business website or hire a professional website designer, read on.


  • You’re short on cash. DIYing your own website can save you significant amounts of cash initially.

  • You have the time and love to learn something new. Researching the latest trends and learning various techniques are exciting ways to widen your knowledge. You can also learn to use graphic design software to take your skills to new levels.

  • You only need a basic, small website. You don’t need something big or complex or the ability for people to shop on your website. You just need to get your name out there.

  • You prefer to work at your own pace. You are the boss in the creative process. Without rushing into anything, you can start with creating one page at a time. Once sure with the progress, you can start creating more pages.

  • You love a sense of accomplishment. Creating an attractive and effective site fosters a sense of pride, exhilaration, and well-being.


  • You don’t have the time. Building a website is time-consuming. Learning the skills and gaining the knowledge takes a significant amount of time. You’re so busy with your business that taking time to DIY your website is actually taking time away from running your business.

  • You don’t have an eye for design. You may not need coding experience to use DIY site building tools, but if you don’t have an eye for design or understand how to effectively build workflows, you could end up with a confused, disorganized mess. You may start the task with a grand vision and the best intentions, but the end result looks the opposite of what you imagined. It could lack consistency, text and images may not line up properly, website visitors could be confused where to go on your site or what you want them to do (call to action), and more. In short, it could harm the perceived value of your brand to consumers. Because of this, it’s not a bad idea to consult a professional designer even if you commit to a DIY website.

  • You don’t want a cookie-cutter website. Free templates are easy and attractive. However, they’re used by countless businesses and individuals. To market your business online, your website needs to be unique. Don’t forget that an effective website gives your business a distinct, branded look and appeals to your ideal clients.

  • More than 20% of your business is going to come from your website. The income potential for your business justifies hiring a professional designer. For example, if you’re a career coach, consultant, or start-up winery, and your income potential is high, hiring out a designer will definitely be a worthwhile investment.

  • The thought of technology gives you hives. Even thinking about web hosting, URL redirects, SEO, image optimization, and custom coding makes you shudder in horror.

  • You have no idea how to write compelling copy. Copywriting is a skill that takes time to learn. You have to know how to write effectively to compel your website visitors to take the actions you want them to, whether it’s purchasing a product or hiring you for a service.

The biggest aspects of DIYing your own website is time and the ability to learn something new. Do you have it? If so, great! You can learn some of the technical skills necessary to launch your fledgling business.

If time is something you don’t have, or you feel overwhelmed by the whole process, then it sounds like you’re ready to hire a professional web designer to make your website visually striking, SEO friendly, and ready for action.

Still have questions about whether or not to DIY your website? Drop them in the comments below!


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