Prisoner of Hope Ministries & Author, Mike Palombi, Website Launch

Prisoner of Hope Ministries and Author, Mike Palombi, Website Launch

As a published writer and author myself, I understand how important an author website and platform is for success. An author website is their most critical tool for book promotion and long-term platform development. It should be a 24/7 resource for readers and media—one that the author updates, owns and controls—serving as an online hub for everything they do. A good website gets stronger over time, puts you directly in touch with your readers, and is a long-term investment in your author career.

Knowing my writer and web design background, Mike Palombi (and his wife, Heidi), author of his memoir, “How’s It Feel, Tough Guy?” asked me to transfer his author’s website from Wordpress to Squarespace and redesign their website. They wanted a more modern, clean, and responsive design as well as a user-friendly backend to their website that they could easily update themselves as needed. They also wanted me to incorporate their soon-to-be official non-profit, Prisoner of Hope Ministries, that works with addicts and prisoners.

Squarespace was the perfect platform choice for all of the above! I love showing people how Squarespace can work for their needs, especially author’s as I know how challenging it can be in the book world. It’s excellent for an author’s website as it’s easy to update content such as images, events, and a blog without ever having to worry about coding or programming. Not to mention the built-in SEO, security features, up-to-date technology, and more.

I was excited to help them with the process of a new website in Squarespace. The first day of my design process for Mike and Heidi’s website, I used those photos to build an inspiration mood and brand board.

Hope. It’s the primary word that I was asked to reflect in the new brand and website for Prisoner of Hope Ministries and author, Mike Palombi. The photos I chose reflected the themes of addiction, prison, and hope. I created a color palette that was edgy, but polished, with intense blues, gray, black, and white to achieve that dark (crime and addiction) coming into light (hope) tone. They also needed a new logo that embraced the mission of Prisoner of Hope Ministries.

Prisoner of Hope Ministries and Author Mike Palombi Mood and Brand Board

They loved it! The colors and logo were strong and balanced, emphasizing the feel of their word, “Hope.” Once we had the logo and the brand style board in place, the website was a joy to design! At the end of the “homework” that Mike and Heidi completed before the 2-week design process began, I asked them what aspects they wanted to highlight and emphasize the most. Their primary focus was Mike’s book, “How’s It Feel, Tough Guy?,” combined with Mike’s motivational speaking and their soon-to-be-official non-profit, Prisoner of Hope Ministries, created to help addicts and prisoners find hope and turn their lives around.

When I look at the past 2 weeks and the final product, I see hope and freedom from addiction and crime through the edgy colors, simple typefaces, and real-life photos. The website highlights Mike’s memoir, but it also showcases his motivational speaking and non-profit. I loved working with Mike and Heidi and I’m thrilled with the outcome of their new brand and website! Make sure you visit their website and listen to Mike’s incredible life-transforming story.

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