How to Create a Blog Post Template in Squarespace

How to create a blog post template in Squarespace.

I’m all for making things easier in my life, especially when it comes to repetitive tasks. For example, let’s talk about blogging. The key to effective results from blogging is consistency. Write often and with quality blog posts. A simple concept, right?

However, being consistent with our blogging is something we all struggle with from time to time. Like you, I wonder what topics to write about, how do I write when I’m not feeling inspired, and cringing at the thought of having to recreate my blog layout again each time I write a blog post in Squarespace.

Yeah, that last one is a b****. And a way to majorly procrastinate because frankly, I don’t want to spend the extra 45 minutes recreating my blog post layout for the umpteenth time. I’ll be honest, when it comes to blogging it’s hard to beat Wordpress as it was originally built as a blogging platform. If you take a look at the majority of the Wordpress themes, free and paid, they are designed for some major blogging.

But what do you do when you design a business website and a blog is not the forefront of the design, but only a facet of it? How do I make Squarespace, which is my preferred web design platform for a multitude of reasons (but the 5 I list here are good ones), work as a blogging platform, too?

There’s good news, my fellow Squarespace friends!

You can create a blogging template in Squarespace! Life just got sooooo much easier. It has helped me streamline my blogging process BIG TIME.


The help of a blogging content calendar helped, too - basically a monthly calendar planner that I use to write out my blog topics for the entire month. Then I sit and write multiple blog posts.  I no longer have to come up with topics off the top of my head as they’re all planned out and I can schedule the blog posts to post on the future dates.

Back to the Squarespace Blog Template…

Besides saving time, having a blog post template keeps me from letting any important post elements from slipping through the cracks.

Here’s an easy to follow tutorial to setup a Squarespace blog post template.

Setting up your Squarespace Blog Post Template

First, create a new blog post and title it “Blog Post Template” or something similar.

Here’s what my template looks like:

Kat Collins Design Blog Post template in Squarespace

Format The Post

Here’s a list of what I include in my template:

  • Image Block - For a Pinterest graphic (includes my title and web address like at the top of this blog post)

  • Text Block - You can insert dummy text here like I did where it says “text here” or use whatever your desire to remind you to put your text here.

  • Email Subscriber Box - You always want to include a way for people to sign up for your newsletter.

  • Call to Action - Since I’m focusing on booking website design projects, that’s what I’m highlighting right now. You could also feature related products from your shop, links to courses, or free consultations.

  • Summary Block - Related posts section

  • Bio - Since I don’t have a sidebar I include a headshot and an about me blurb, that also serves as an SEO description (bonus!).

Once your template is finalized, click “save.” Now you have your template!

Customize Your Squarespace Blog Post Template

Now that you have your template set up, you’re ready to publish your next blog post! You just have to duplicate the post, add content, and viola! Easy as a Sunday morning.

How to duplicate a Blog post template in Squarespace.


  • Duplicate page

  • Change Blog Post Title

  • Change URL Slug (I usually copy the blog post title and past it in this section)

  • And then follow my directions on my previous blog post on How to Write a Blog Post in Squarespace.

Just like that, you have a blog post template you can edit and update as needed!

What tips do you have for successful blogging? I’d love to know!


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