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How to Smooth Scroll to Page Sections on Your Squarespace Website

Have you ever clicked on a button on a website page and suddenly it smoothly scrolled down on the same page to the informational section related to what you clicked on? Pretty cool feature! Anchor links ("page jumps") are special URLs that take you to specific places on a page and I’m going add a smooth scroll to it. This means that when a website visitor arrives, they click a button or navigation link and it takes them, gracefully, to the information they are after in the long-scrolling page. Here’s how to do it!

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3 of My Fave CSS Tweaks to Customize a Squarespace Website

Using CSS is a great way to add even more customized branding to your website, and taking it beyond just a template. Today I’m going to share 3 of my favorite CSS design tweaks that I use on my own website and my clients websites. They were tested on the Brine templates, but they may very well work on other templates, too.

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How to Customize Text Boxes in Squarespace

A great way to add some pop to your website and bring attention to areas of text in your pages and blog posts is by customizing your text blocks. I’m going to give you three different popular types of text box styles and step by step instructions of how to customize it to match your brand.

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