5 Reasons Why I Chose Squarespace

Why I Chose Squarespace Over Other Platforms

I’ve been around the block once or twice online and have tried my hand in many platforms, hosting services, and domain providers, but when it came time to create my site for my website design business, I had to make a choice.

My path as a website designer has led me to a focus on Squarespace design. I have previously dealt with custom coded websites (DIY), large custom content management systems (in the corporate world), Wix, Weebly, GoDaddy, and WordPress, using various themes for over 10 years. While they all have their pluses and minuses, I gravitated toward Squarespace for a multitude of reasons, predominantly because it’s by far the easiest platform to use with the cleanest interface. I couldn’t be happier with my choice and here are the five reasons why:

Modern Design

First and foremost in any website design I create, modern design is key. Having an updated look is crucial to me when it came to my own design as well as for any design I do for someone else. As I said, I’ve previously worked with custom coded websites (DIY), large custom content management systems (in the corporate world), Wix, Weebly, and WordPress, using various themes. I found I was limited in design and capabilities through Wix and Weebly. Although WordPress has an astounding number of themes with some offering great flexibility, I’ve found them to be labor and time intensive to set up and not always that user-friendly on the backend or frontend.

Sure, Squarespace doesn’t have a million theme options, but the 40+ they do offer have extreme flexibility and can quickly be personalized. Additionally, if you have the right team to support you, Squarespace has a robust backend system that can be manipulated with custom code, allowing for almost endless possibilities.

Most User-Friendly Interface…Ever!

I know how to manipulate code to get things to do what I want with a website, but I’m a visual person. I love having the flexibility to just drag it over to create a new column rather than coding it.

I love the user interface. It is easy to understand and I’m given the options to fine tune the end result. An hour of coding to create a custom color block and custom slider turns into seconds with just a few clicks of the mouse.

It’s also important for my clients to be able to update items on their websites with ease without having to pay the big bucks and deal with the frustration of having a developer do it for them. I’ve been there. The endless emails and phone calls to try and communicate your desires, the stress of having to ask them to make even the smallest, simplest update or change, and more. It’s not worth the agony. Having this interface allows almost anyone to easily make changes. I offer a 1-1.5 hour training session at the end of our design collaboratives to teach my clients how to update parts of their site without getting a migraine.

Compatible Across All Platforms & Devices

I’m going to date myself here, but the first custom website I built was before everyone has a smartphone, tablet, or some type of mobile device. I didn’t have to worry about making it responsive or easy to view on a phone. It just needed to be functional.

With today’s society having your site be fully responsive is crucial. On an average day, nearly 50% of all site traffic is from mobile devices. With Squarespace you have that flexibility built-in to the site. With some of the other platforms, I was responsible for making the tablet and phone-friendly versions separately on my own time and had to update them independently. Talk about a time-hog, not to mention the potential for things that I might overlook such as increasing the font size for phones or rearranging photos so the page flows. These are automatically taken care of in Squarespace.


As we all know, security is a big issue in today’s world. Nobody wants to be hacked and have to deal with the fallout from that problem. Having a secure place to host your website is extremely important. In some platforms, such as WordPress, loopholes were allowed in some of the widgets because they are all created by different people and you use them at your own risk. These loopholes offered the opportunities for hackers and others to sneak their way into your site. Here’s an update on this problem from ZNet. I will say it’s not the platform itself being hacked, but vulnerabilities in outdated themes and plugins. I know of one site that was hacked and someone was selling black market drugs utilizing the backend of their high traffic site.

This may be an extreme situation but I like that all apps/widgets, etc. are Squarespace controlled. That does mean less variety but they are backed up by the Squarespace team so I can have complete comfort in knowing they have taken care of these loopholes that we may or may not be privy to.


Real support offered by real people. Unlike many other service providers, there is a chat and email functionality to channel questions through to Squarespace. In many other platforms, especially if you are using homegrown tools, i.e. custom themes or widgets, you must rely on user forums if you run into a problem or have questions. You can find some great answers there, don’t get me wrong, but it takes time to wait for someone to provide the right answer or find the right answer.

Support is easily and quickly accessible. I can’t tell you how many times I got so frustrated by the lack of support with some other platforms. With one platform, the only way you could get help was to email them and they often took three or four days to get back to you. That’s unacceptable, especially if it’s affecting your business.

This is only 5 of the reasons why I chose Squarespace! There is so much more but I’ll save that for another post. By the way, Squarespace did not ask me to write this or anything on my blog. It’s all me and my love for it.

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