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Not getting any
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Is your Squarespace website not showing up in Google search results? Not reaching enough local customers?

You’ve come to the right place.

We’re Squarespace gurus and we can help your small business create a solid foundation for organic online visibility.

Squarespace Website Audits & Optimization


Is your website not performing?
We’ll show you why.

Don’t believe the rumors that Squarespace websites don’t rank as well on Google in comparison to other platforms such as Wordpress. It’s hooey.

Plenty of websites built on the Squarespace platform rank on the first page on Google consistently. Squarespace can have superb SEO, trust us.

That being said, Squarespace, and any other platform including Wordpress, is not magically great for SEO. All SEO specialists know that you have to put in the work on your end. You can’t just throw your website up and let it go. As awesome as that would be (hello, pink unicorn!), unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

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To get you started on the yellow brick road of Squarespace SEO…

Our goal is to share ethical, common sense SEO knowledge to empower you to reach organic search success. Google's philosophy is to "focus on the user and all else will follow" and we believe the same.

Let’s get you some Google love. . .

If you’re a small business owner or creative professional looking to take your Squarespace SEO to the next level, chances are we can help. 

SEO Audit & Implementation // $500

Squarespace is already optimized for search engines, however there are tweaks we can do to take it further to bring more visibility to your website. The SEO Package includes:

  • SEO audit of your website

  • Keyword Research to determine your search terms, and strategize on how to differentiate your keywords from your competitors to claim your niche.

  • Craft and enter blurb (around 100 words/2 sentences) for your Marketing SEO within Squarespace

  • Create your SEO tagline/short bio to use for your Site Description

  • Check all social media accounts are connected and Google Analytics is installed

  • Populate your General Business Description with your business hours and physical location as well as map details (if you have a bricks and mortar location)

  • Insert a unique page description for each page (including for Index pages), written with your keywords in mind

  • Add descriptions including your keywords, and re-name all images to include keywords, including those in galleries and slideshows

  • Submit site map to Google

  • Training so you can implement best SEO practices organically

  • and more.

*Your search engine ranking depends on many complex factors, including your business model, how many competitors you have (and how they are conducting their SEO strategy), your site content and your marketing plan. Purchasing this package is a great step towards SEO success, but we cannot guarantee speed or success of listing. We do not purchase SEO listings or keyword stuffing - this is black hat SEO and if used, an evil gnome will blow up your computer without warning.

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Let’s get your SEO on track.

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