Maple Springs Vineyard winery website design

Winery Website Design for Maple Springs Vineyard

Maple Springs Vineyard, a small family-owned vineyard and winery located in Bechtelsville, PA, has a unique history. It beings with their land which was a 100-acre dairy farm in the 1800s on the side of a mountain. In addition, the family has a 100-year-old brewery, fighter pilot, and wine history. When I was asked to redesigned their website, they wanted to incorporate a significant portion of this history. They also wanted to blend their modern winemaking practices into their history’s story. I redesigned a small, upscale, private, family-owned winery website to a modern, elegant, user-friendly design. They use this site to direct wholesalers to for more detailed information about their brand story. Mobile-responsive and SEO.

Pulling from their history combined with their modern winemaking technology and creation of old-world style wines, I designed their winery website to be modern, elegant, and user-friendly. The flow of the website tells the historical story of the family, land, and vineyards while having a modern, fresh feel to the design.

Now I’m happy and willing to direct restaurants and wholesale reps to our website for information! Before I would pretend we didn’t even have a website. It is professional, modern, and well-designed.
— Joanne Palombo, Sales Rep
Kat Collins Squarespace website designer

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