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Hi, I’m Kat Collins, owner and website designer for Kat Collins Design! Because of my unconventional path and years of professional experience my clients benefit from my unique combination of business, technical, and creative skills.

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My communication style is open, personable, and honest with a little sass thrown in for fun. As my client, you will appreciate my prompt responses and thoughtful patience as well as my ability to listen and offer guidance and support.


Website Design ——

I empower creative professionals and small businesses by elevating your website presence, so you can stand out, sell more, & connect authentically with your customers.


Blog ——

A great resource for all things Squarespace, my blog is where I share CSS tricks, Squarespace news and How To's, business tips, as well as insights into the joys and perils of running an online business. 


Instagram and Facebook are where I hang out every day. You’ll also find me on Pinterest and occasionally LinkedIn. Follow me for entrepreneur inspiration, empowerment in yourself and your business, Squarespace news and tips, as well as glimpses into my life as a small business owner living in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania.


From Aspiring Art Therapist to Wine Manager to Web Designer

Since a junior in high school, I had aspired to become an Art Therapist, which is a form of mental health counseling using art as the therapeutic process. I’ve always felt drawn to helping people and being an artist my whole life, what better way to combine my two loves. So off I went to college and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, with a minor in Psychology. But young love found me and we married. I decided to put my continuing education to become a licensed A.T. on hold to focus on family life.

After some unforeseen traumatic life events over a five year time span, my path veered course. I found myself single and starting a new chapter in my life. I held a number of odd jobs to make ends meet but nothing that satisfied my desire to help people or give a feeling of fulfillment to my life. My new paramour encouraged me to go back to school to follow my dream. So I enrolled in grad school where I earned 45 credit hours towards Master of Arts Art Therapy, including 400 internship hours. But I didn’t graduate!

During grad school, I was working a job that I hated. I had a difficult demeaning boss who often criticized my looks (because it didn’t fit the company’s image) and was chaotic. I found a local winery hiring for full-time office work and some tasting room work as well. The pay was much lower but the job seemed fun. My internship supervisor at the time encouraged me to apply and take the job. She felt that while it may be lower pay in the long run I would be happier than my current job. With my significant other’s blessing, I applied and was offered the job. My internship supervisor didn’t realize what she had done.

I fell in love with the job, taking on more and more responsibility. During my last year at grad school, it was insane. I was working full-time at the winery, doing an internship full-time, and going to grad school full-time. Are you surprised I burned out?! I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do with my life. Surprise, surprise…I chose to go off-course again with my life path. I dropped out of grad school and took on the winery gig full-time, eventually becoming business manager of the entire operation. I loved it. I loved the interaction with the people, helping people discover new wines, managing the business and operations, handling all the marketing, managing staff, and more. I ended up working for three different local wineries over a period of time.

Along with creating traditional art (painting, drawing, etc.), web design has been my creative outlet since 1997. Not only did I create several websites for myself (blogging and artist portfolio sites), at every job I’ve had over the years, I’ve redesigned and/or built from the ground up their business websites. I enjoyed the entire process and the results were always successful! The businesses saw increased sales, increased online traffic, and more. I discovered I was good at it. It combined my love of art, being creative, and my love of technology with helping people. It also made use of all areas of my professional experience with marketing, social media, business management, branding, content creation, and working with the public.

After many years in the Wordpress, Wix, Weebly, and GoDaddy arenas I discovered Squarespace in 2018 and instantly fell in love with its stylish templates and easy drag & drop editor. When I lost my job in 2018 due to unforeseen circumstances, I decided to finally go for it and start my own business as a Squarespace web designer for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs!

To top it all off, I am also a published writer (print and digital) with over 20 years of blogging experience, as well as an accomplished artist. It’s been an unconventional journey to say the least, but I’m where I am supposed to be - as a website designer helping YOU with the step up you need to reach your highest heights and biggest dreams.


I love wine! In 2016, I completed Wine & Spirits Education Trust Level 2 with Merit.. I’m an avid Penn State Nittany Lions and Pittsburgh Steelers football fan (don’t hold it against me). I love to cook gourmet meals and throw fancy dinner parties. I devour political and assassin thrillers. I have two cats named Ziggy and Benjamin. I despise lima beans and cauliflower. Ice cream is my kryptonite. I’ve broken my right-hand twice. Because of that, I’m now ambidextrous.

During the warmer months, I enjoy traveling to Rehoboth Beach to soak up the rays or to Maine for some family time and fresh lobster. During any season, I love to travel to various wine areas for wine tasting. Although the majority of the year, you will find me behind a computer screen designing websites, writing a fiction novel or short stories, or researching various ways to improve my design knowledge.

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